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we provide  safe , gentle and  legal methods to terminate unwanted or unplanned pregnancy(s)


Most women bleed for around 1 week after an abortion, use sanitary towels during this time. Bleeding will be like a normal menstrual period and you may also pass some small blood clots. In most cases the bleeding will then stop but you may experience spotting until your next period.If your bleeding soaks 2 or more sanitary towels per hour for 2 hours in a row, then you should contact the clinic, or Aftercare Line urgently for advice.

After an abortion most women feel relieved, but some may also feel sad or guilty. It is a good idea to have someone with you afterwards so if you do need support, you have someone you know and trust to help you along.
Other activities, including work Most women will be fit and well enough to return to normal activities within a day or two. Our best advice is to rest until you feel able to return to your normal routine..

You can take a bath or shower as normal. Take care if you have a bath in the 24 hours following a general anaesthetic, you will need to make sure someone is around to keep an eye on you, in case you are still feeling drowsy

when to have sex
To reduce the risk of infection we advise again not want to get pregnant.not having sex for 1-2 weeks, but if this is not possible then a condom must be used to avoid infection. Fertility returns almost immediately after an abortion, so its important to use contraception if you do

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