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we provide  safe , gentle and  legal methods to terminate unwanted or unplanned pregnancy(s)


Parental consent for abortion care is not required. Your treatment at Options will be considerate, respectful, and, of course, completely confidential. 

*  Abortion is completed by a physician in one day.
*  You will be monitored by our experienced staff through the entire process
*  Moderate sedation is available to manage any discomfort during the procedure.
*  Surgical abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures performed
Appointments may be made 24 hours A telephone counselor will advise you about arrangements.
You will meet the doctor before the abortion when he does the ultrasound exam to determine how long you have been pregnant.  This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the abortion procedure and he will spend as much time as you need
A counselor will talk with you privately to explain the procedure, what to expect after you leave and future birth control. This counseling is done on an individual basis, not in a group, so that you are free to discuss any concerns or issues relating to the abortion.
We provide IV sedation before the abortion to help you relax and be more comfortable.   The doctor  will give this to you in your arm and you’ll begin to feel sleepy and relaxed but you will not be asleep.  A female medical assistant will be monitoring and comforting you during the procedure.   The uterus is emptied using gentle aspiration or suction and you may experience some cramping similar to strong menstrual cramps.  
The entire abortion procedure only takes a few minutes and most women are very surprised at how quick it is.After the abortion, you will rest in a private recovery area.  You will be the only patient in this area and we will monitor you to be sure you are comfortable.For the remainder of the day, we suggest that you rest. 
Most women are able to return to daily activities the following day.   There are some restrictions on strenuous activities such as heavy lifting and you will receive detailed instructions on aftercare.   Please be sure to read these carefully and call if you have any questions or concerns.It’s very important to return for a follow-up examination to be sure that your body is completely

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